Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The Title of the post is UNPREDICTABLE, in case you have any trouble understanding it!!

So, what I am saying is that life is so unpredictable (especially mine). The moment I relax and start to get used to the flow, it just kicks me on the butt and says “hello! Don't even think about relaxing even a bit, be on your toes always. Never loose your guard! ”

Trust me it happens every damn time (and may I add its not at all a good feeling). I get used to something/someone and suddenly that thing/ person is snatched away! The thing that bothers me the most is that I refrain myself from hurrying into stuff. I take my time, I don't trust easily, I try and be calculated.....But alas!! I fail every-time. I end up suffering ALWAYS! I fall for this facade every time!

Am I an easy target? I am still naive? (I want to disagree)

Or am I just sad right now??!!

I just hate the feeling of being weak, vulnerable and that heart sinking feeling (especially wen you don't even know the exact reason for it)


  1. I just hope you remember me for one of those posts which like the one above stated how i was weak, how I was useless etc.. Infact this is the same problem I have ie to fear that ,I am vulnerable, easily targeted, being laughed at etc.. but as days go by I think I am learning, living with a hope that everything will be fine.
    just keep going- think everything is for the good.
    hey and you know what - I have turned a lot more positive these days, definitely not the same guy as I was 3 months ago :) keep smiling, cheers!


  2. Everyone of us undergoes this kinda situation and feelings - atleast once in life. But looks like you are having tough luck and it seems to be continuing with you for a while!

    But never lose hope, believe in yourself - there can be no one better than you to judge your own actions and check whats right and where things seem to be going wrong!

    I agree, its very easy to suggest someone than to actually live their situation and think about it. Its hard to suddenly get a strong bold feeling. Try thinking of the best times you had in life, those happy moments with family and friends and the people who gift a smile to your face - try talking to them about this, they are your well wishers, they'll defo help you out.

    And yes, life is unpredictable but whats the thrill in living when you know each and everything as to what happens in the future - we all live with that curiosity and innocent eagerness to see how the future unfolds before us!!

    Try taking things and people easy and just cheer up, take one day at a time and make the most of it and that way you'll be able to handle worries easily!!

    What all I said above may not have helped you, but the purpose was to make you feel better when you read it, always be happy, keep smiling, take care,

    Sai :)