Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The Title of the post is UNPREDICTABLE, in case you have any trouble understanding it!!

So, what I am saying is that life is so unpredictable (especially mine). The moment I relax and start to get used to the flow, it just kicks me on the butt and says “hello! Don't even think about relaxing even a bit, be on your toes always. Never loose your guard! ”

Trust me it happens every damn time (and may I add its not at all a good feeling). I get used to something/someone and suddenly that thing/ person is snatched away! The thing that bothers me the most is that I refrain myself from hurrying into stuff. I take my time, I don't trust easily, I try and be calculated.....But alas!! I fail every-time. I end up suffering ALWAYS! I fall for this facade every time!

Am I an easy target? I am still naive? (I want to disagree)

Or am I just sad right now??!!

I just hate the feeling of being weak, vulnerable and that heart sinking feeling (especially wen you don't even know the exact reason for it)