Wednesday, June 15, 2011



What forced me to write a post here today was the fact that indiblogger has released new ranks today. Mine has slipped from a very impressive 77 to a very dismal 54. I was like Shit. I am feeling so very bad about it. This place was not just a blog for me. It was so much more than that. A dream, a friend, a support, a passion, a link via which I made so many friends.

After shifting to Mumbai I never managed to maintain the same kind of relationship with my blog as it was before. Earlier the excuse was that I did not have my lappy here with me. Its been like a month now that I have my lappy with me. But still, no posts from me. One of the very obvious reason is that of time constrain (now that I am in a 9 to 6 {which usually extends upto 8 in the evening} kinda job), and living in a pg (paying guest) does not present one with a luxury popularly known as TIMEPASS. Another very disturbing reason is that some keys of my keyboard are kharab, namely h,g and double quotes and some other ones as well. I have copied them into a notepad and am constantly copying pasting. The whole thing is well, driving me nuts!!!


Anyhow I do miss the time when I blogged for just the love of it...!! I spent hours and hours on selecting the perfect kind of picture, the right kind of font and the perfect template (preferably my own pic) :P

Its not like I have nothing to write about. Infact I have loaaaaaaaaaaddddddddds and loaaaaaaaaaadddddddds of things to write about. From what mistakes I make at work to the new people I met here. From the debit card I lost to the health issues I am facing.From back biting about my roomies to sharing the fun (little) I have had here. There are just soo soo soo sooo sooo soo sooo sooo sooo sooo many things.

I  just hope this post marks the start of a whole new chapter of my blogging saga. love to all :)