Monday, November 2, 2015

Readers' Block

All of us well familiar with the writer’s block. It is a condition by which a writer is unable to pen his/her thoughts into words. Nothing comes to the mind or even if it does the pen refuses to oblige. It is a very serious condition especially if your livelihood depends on writing. The topic is discussion today, however is about something totally opposite to that of a writers block. It is what I am calling the Readers’ block.

I am an avid reader. My idea of a good time is curling on my bed with a good book. I am open to reading via different mediums, you name it- hard copies, soft copies, pdfs, kindle. I have experimented with almost every medium, with hard-copy being my favourite, closely followed by the kindle. Although I mostly like to read friction I am not opposed to other genres out there. Saying all this to make you understand the fact that how much I like to read. I also had this condition wherein I just had to finish reading a book however boring it maybe. Leaving it half-read made me restless and unable to start and concentrate on any other book. I was happy with this condition as it let me enhance my list of read-books. Life was good. Until....

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 Chase to now and things are so different. I have a new restlessness which does not let me finish any book I lay my hands on. I have forgotten the count of books I tried to read since the last 3 months. Out of 7 or 8 books I have only managed to finish 1. Only 1. That too a short book of some 300 pages by an Indian Author (big font). I am so devastated with this analysis. But however hard I try, I just can’t manage to finish. And i am picking up good books showcasing rich cultural heritages from different types of the world. I left "The Teahouse fire" by Ellis Avery which highlights the Japanese culture of teahouses (frequented by Geisha's). I had also picked up “The handmaiden's Tale” by Margaret Atwood which is fiction set in future about Christian theocracy which has overthrown the United States government.

Somewhere down the line I though maybe I have had enough of the heavy duty stuff, so I picked up some light books by Indian Authors. But sadly even that failed to do the trick. The condition persists. I don't know what is causing this sudden change into my otherwise loyal attitude towards book reading. Since the time I remember, I have always fallen asleep while reading a book. Sadly I don't know what caused this habit to be broken. And perhaps that's the reason I do not get peaceful sleep these days. Lots of dreams and frequent breaks to see the time.

Maybe it is the addiction to TV series? FYI, I am currently binge watching the desperate housewives and I face no trouble in completion of the episodes.
I guess what I need is a good book which I find hard to put down, captive and enchanting.
This is a help call. Any suggestions are welcome.