Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Nostalgia - A Walk Through Memories

Reunion with Capt Vandana Slathia after ages made us go back to our common blog - The Divine Secrets of Sepo - Vandy Sisterhood. Though there is nothing divine about our secrets anymore, the updates are many. Its been more than 3 years since we updated our blog. We had decided on maintaining it precisely because we wanted to look back and read about our not so happening but still worthwhile lives and beautiful memories together.

While going through all the previous detailed accounts of posts we have written, I found one of my favorite ones. It was written by Vandy for me on my 21st birthday! I had woken up feeling sad and this beautiful piece had moved me to tears. Rekindling that experience yet again .....

I know how much you’ll love if someone will compose a song for you & sing it with guitar & all. Preferably you’ll give that honor to a guy, but sweetheart, just for this moment let me do that. Of course I’ll spare you the horror of my voice,,,kya karein, ,,It’s not as melodious as yours. I don’t know how to play guitar so just imagine that I’m playing it. For giving you a feel I’m adding the pic of a guitar.
This song/ poem whatever you consider it,,,will sure make you to rolf,,,,as writing songs/poems is not my cup of tea.
Anyways here we go……

Days will pass and we may go apart,
In the theatre of life, playing a different part.

Just running after money, doing crappy jobs,
With no one around to wipe our tears & listen to our sobs.

We will get lost in all worldly things,
Won’t be able to fly as now we do with our free wings.

Frustrated, depressed, too lost, too busy,
But forgetting the time we spent together will never be easy.

We’ll miss sepo-vandy time & our shopping sprees,
Baante vala soda & raiding the shops with all that ease.

Searching bookstores for the novel we won’t ever find,
Forest green, electric blue, blood red, nail paints of different kind.

Hakka noodle, kimb, gole gappe & your favorite cheesy dip,
Testimonial vali Maggie, seniors ko lutna &canteen ke chips.

Nothing I’ll ever forget, especially that SMVDU trip,
Life was slipping, when you came & solidified my grip.

It was hell; I was lost in a dark night,
But you, princess snow white, made everything so bright.

I wish I was a guy so that I could marry you,
Give you all the joy that would have sticked like glue.

But I’m really sorry as I’m a girl that too not a lesbian, simply straight,
And I’m really happy with the things as they are now & don’t want them to be that great ;)

I’ll be happy if your prince charming would take you away in a sweep,
All I want is your happiness but will set him right if he lets you weep.

I don’t kid around when I say you are my support,
If someone bothers you, just come to me & report.

I don’t care if it’s your prince charming or our own stupid Saini,
And I don’t give a damn; let others think that I’m your nanny.

Till we are together, I want you to be happy & gay,
And sugar, in advance here I’m wishing you a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”

With loads of love & kisses
P.S. I know to make it rhyme I’ve made it a lot stupid,,,whatever who cares,,,,just wanna say sweetheart,,,,it’s your birthday so enjoy,,,,no worries,,,no tension,,,,,,luvya,,,,,,muwaaaahhhhhhhh


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  2. Wonderful poem written by Vandy, I've enjoyed reading it and I'm sure you must've loved it on your 21st. You both are blessed with such great friendship, one that's gonna last forever!!! :)

    The guitar in the picture looks cute, it's an acoustic dreadnought, possibly made completely out of rosewood. My guitar looks similar, I've got a Yamaha F310 :)

    Vandy's poem is very true and has both funny and philosophical sides to it. It'll be really special for you when your future partner would write a song thinking of you, sing it for you with the guitar and would dedicate it to you!! :)

    Have a great weekend,
    Cheers!! :)

  3. wow..loved this poem...
    muskurahat aa jaati hai aise post padh kar!