Friday, November 29, 2013

Award Time

Awards make me happy. Period. But when I was bestowed with not one but two, my happiness knew no bounds. It felt like I am a mini celebrity. However I did keep procrastinating this post because of the tremendous amount of work involved in both the awards. Before I start to brief about the awards I want to convey my heartfelt thank you to Sai Charan and Vishal for nominating me.

First award in line is the Liebster Award. This comes with a set of questions created by the person who has nominated you. Here are the rules:
1.       Link back to the blogger who has nominated you
2.       Nominate ten more bloggers and pass the award to them
3.       Answer all the questions given to you
4.       Create your own ten questions set for the nominees
5.       Let them know that they have been nominated

      Liebster is a German word for “dearest” and this award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers. I was nominated for this award by Sai from Beyond Barriers and below are my answers to his questions.

1.       What is the happiest moment in your life till now?
It was when my little niece was born. I was away from home, saw her when she was almost 2 months old but I was so so so happy. 

2.       Describe one embarrassingly funny experience you had.
Well, I have had many such moments. Luckily I have some of them documented on Rendezvous. There is not one, not two but three of ‘em. Find them here, here and here.

3.       If a genie grants you three wishes, what would you ask for?
My first wish would be to keep the genie with me always and then I will use my other two wishes as and when I need to.
Actually the first three things that came to my mind were so stupid and shallow that I couldn’t bring myself to write it down here. So I came up with the above answer which come to think of it is not bad at all. Hmmm, good thinking! *Pat on the back*

4.       Mention about an adventurous trip you went on and what makes it memorable.
Well, the question is sad. Sad because it reminds me that my life is so non-adventurous. Anyhow there was this one trip some million years ago, a trekking trip with group of close friends. Some mountain climbing, beautiful waterfalls, a little fun here and there and finally lots of cramps followed by a sick leave on Monday. There was this another trip with a near-death experience in the sea, catch more of that here.

5.       In future, if you were chosen for the Nobel Prize, which field would it be in?
Literature, I hope.

Interesting choice of questions, I hope my answers did justice to them. Coming back to the award, just like always I dedicate this award to all those who drop by my blog and are the reason I am still writing. As far as the questions are concerned, there were originally ten questions, Sai narrowed them down to five and lazy as I am, I have just one question for you guys.

1.       Who according to you, will win this season of big boss? 

Don't make a face. Big Boss is the flavor of this season ;)

Okay then, coming to the second award. It's the Blog-of-the-Year 2013 award by Vishal. I am so excited about it that while I am typing, mentally I am air kissing and reciting my vote of thank you's as if its a best actress award. It would be really unfair if I don't talk about my little audience of readers. Those of you who take out time to visit my page and leave behind sweet comments. And then those of you who visit and leave no trace behind. If it weren't for this invisible kinda support you guys provide, I guess I would have got bored of blogging long back. If I have come this far its only because of the love, encouragement and appreciation that I have received from you dear friends

I would like to nominate the following bloggers for this award.

R Ramesh - Global Madrasi
Sai Charan - Beyond barriers
Chandana - The Girl at the first avenue
Praveen Pandey - न दैन्यं न पलायनम्
Abhi - एहसास प्यार का..
Basically Blah -  A Touch of Tabasco
Vishal - Scripting the story of life

Congratulations to the winners :)



  1. अहा, आपके स्वप्न पूरे हों। आभार लेखन को मान देने के लिये।

  2. Thank you, Sneha, and congrats for winning. You deserve the awards, smartie:)

  3. Wow, congratulations, SEPO! Well-deserved! And yes, of course, thank you for the nomination!

    1. BB, love your style of writing. Its so awesome and well, blah :)

  4. Hey Sneha, loved your answers to the fun questions, you've done complete justice with such cute answers :) Just re-read your previous posts and had a big smile, specially reading the embarrassing moments :)

    And I had a laugh reading how you narrowed down to just 1 question ha ha...

    Congratulations on your awards and thank you for choosing me too :)

    Best wishes to you always,
    Take care :)

  5. Congrats to you! And thank you! :D
    I just got a chance to check this post..