Monday, April 2, 2012

The Cooking Escapades

Recently I have been hooked onto the food blogs. You should try searching for them some time. They are informative, provide you a sufficient amount of visual pleasure and are a great source of time-pass. Exactly a year back I knew nothing about cooking, all I could cook was Maggie Noodles. However today I can proudly say that I can cook anything (not sure about the results, but I ain't afraid to try). This confidence does count for something right?

I get really happy feeding people and receiving compliments for my cooking! So coming to the post, all the food blogs inspired me so much so that I decided to try something of a similar nature on my blog. Now as I am an amateur and can't really do a proper post on food. So for starters I ll just let the pictures do all the talking :-)

Don't expect grandeur in the pics, the utensils are limited and the time is always tight! So there is no garnishing and no fancy china..! But decent comments are still expected.:P

                  1. The first three pictures are of matar-paneer in various stages of cooking

2. I am no more a lazy bum. I get up and make myself some salad :)

3. My two favorites - matar aaloo and desi french fries!

4. My fifth attempt at making zeera-rice, which came out very well by the way!

5. Maharashtrain style aaloo curry

6. Spicy black channas

7. My (not so good) attempt at making Tom yum soup

8. Amid all those dishes, good old maggie shouldn't be left out right?

9. That was an incredible fruit salad!


  1. 8/10 for matar paneer looks perfect. gajar n pyaas salad 4/10 onions nt in proper salad shape.. shld b round nd gajar to b length wise..:)..7 for aloo mutter n 5 fr french fries.. try frying fries at med flame and lil less oil for crispness nd unburnt covering...zeera rice looks nice.. fruit salad also very chunu keep it up...

  2. yeeeeeeehhh!! For a person like me who hardly get Indian Food to eat.. this post is truly a visual pleasure!!.. Makes my mouth water and be envious of u as u can actually eat those things!! :P

  3. Looking perfect!!
    Invite us sometime snehaa :)

  4. आपको कितना कुछ बनाना आता है, हमें तो बस खाना आता है।

  5. Hey
    Yummy. confession to make: I only kno hw to make tea, coffee and yummy. Last tym, I tried to cook somethg was during my student days. But, m a cooking disaster. Hope u will feed me sm gud food one day:)

  6. This looks great, Sneha!!! I wish we could wire food without worrying it'll be spoiled on the way :p I love the sound and look of matar-paneer; totally gonna have to try that myself some time. I am okay at cooking, not yet good! I started last semester when I lived away from home but not with a mother-figure who would cook for me :D But this semester, I've been living with a friend and her mom, and her mom cooks for us :p So!!!

  7. yum! i lurv diff culture and different foods.looking at ur blog wanna make me cook ur reciepe. now am hungry :-).
    check out my blog and lets follow each other
    would lurv to keep in touch do ve a great day.

  8. pls do make reciepes for kids (5yrs) following u :-)
    want to see more on ur blog.
    happy blogging :-)

  9. Congratulations on successfully discovering the 'Master Chef' in you! :)

    All the dishes look delicious and yummy!! your housemates must be lucky to have you and I bet your colleagues expect a share in your lunch box lol ;)

    This is exactly the same confidence even I too achieved with cooking. As long as we live at home, mom makes life look so easy - cooking so simple, laundry so quick and cleaning so effortless!!

    But once you leave home, either to work or study - you are independent, you get freedom to decide the lifestyle that suits you but you realize how difficult these tasks can get. As the saying goes, 'necessity is the mother of invention', we slowly start experimenting with cooking!!

    On day one you end up with something that doesn't even look or taste like the original recipe - but slowly you improve and one fine day you are surprised at yourself, "Is it really me who cooked this? your roomies praise you for cooking delicious food". Your inner self says to you, "Now you know how to transform food items into mouth watering, lip smacking stuff, so you can survive anywhere, no matter how far you go from home" :)

    Nowadays if reading about new recipes is taking more time, you tube videos can make it look simple for you. Dishes like paneer butter masala can actually be cooked so quick and easy than we could have ever imagined before attempting them!! Aaloo is my favourite too, be it matar aaloo or fries, potato cooked in any form is tasty!!

    Good luck with your cooking experiments, happy food!! :)

    Sai :)