Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sense and Sensibility

Sometimes what we fail to understand as adults, little children grasp that concept, feeling or gratitude with such an ease that it is really astonishing. Children are honest, true and pure in every respect. Hence you can expect an honest feedback from them; it can be a heartfelt compliment or an outright criticism. But sometimes their little things and deeds make such an impact on us adults that we are left wondering that even though we are the ones with experience and knowledge, it’s sometimes the children who are better judges when it comes to making decisions or saying the right things. I have had the pleasure of meeting such a little child full of sense, sensibility and tremendous amount of self respect.

I was on a major shopping spree with my friends in Bandra (Mumbai). And because I love flowers my friend surprised me by bringing a pretty bunch of colourful roses with her. Now after a heavy indulgence in shopping and food, we were heading towards the Bandra Station to catch a train back home. We were waiting at a signal, when a little boy same to our side selling roses. There was something really special about him; he was not like those annoying little children who keep poking you even when you have your face turned against them. So this little boy kept saying “Didi, le lo na fool” (Please buy these flowers). I showed him my own bunch of flowers and told him that I don’t need more. That far from disappointing him made him very excited. He got animated and started giving me tips on how to keep the flowers fresh for a long time (by trimming the stems and all).

 I and my friend found this little guy way too cute, we decided to give him some money just like that. I took out a Rs 10 note from my purse and gave it to the boy. He took it a little sadly, and said that he sells the flowers at Rs 30. We clarified that the money was not for the flowers but just for him. As soon as I uttered these words, he ran away with the money but not before he threw the bouquet of flowers inside the auto. We craned our necks out of the auto and saw him standing on the divider. He refused to take back the flowers and also our free favour money. Soon the signal cleared out and as the auto started to move ahead, he smiled and waved in our direction.

I have never been able to forget that incident or that boy. He was merely 6 or 7 years old but his self respect and principles were already so strong that they put us to shame. He refused to take any free favours from us. Hats off to the little boy.  I always end of comparing him with the beggars who instead of doing or even trying to find any work simply take the easy way out! I just wish him all the good luck and happiness, wherever he is!