Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lazier - Without Resolution!

People generally start their New Year by making resolution and (not necessarily) sticking to them. New year brings out new ideas and tasks for people. First fifteen days of 2012 have passed and I am yet to come to come face to face with my plans/ideas/plannings. I am totally clueless these days about everything. If you were to ask me what day it is, it will take me approximately 5  minutes to ponder over the question and answer it. And yea, no guarantee of it to be correct.

   My office is really sucking the hell out of my life. To give you an idea of the extend of torture I will just say that from the past two weeks I am working on Saturdays (not to forget the 9AM -9PM weekdays)! After this I just crave some loneliness, good food and sleep (lots and lots of it). I have been avoiding a lot many phone calls a nd friends. In every corner of the world somebody or the other would be cursing me for the way I am behaving with my dear ones. I know they mean well and care for me, but I just don't seem to get it. I end up getting hugely irritated or shouting on people for no mistake of there's. So to avoid all this I prefer to keep missing calls and avoiding people. Really ashamed to admit it but its really easing out that building knot inside my heart whose weight was becoming difficult for me to bear.

 I have been really ignoring my blog since the last few days, though I have been occasionally dropping in a few comments on all your blogs. I was pleasantly surprised by Purvi's comment on my blog the other day where she mentioned that she has left me an award! Yeah awards make me very happy.

So, this award gave me the necessary push to start blogging. What could have been better than starting the first post of 2012 with an award. Thanks a lot for this award Purvi.

 One observation: I am becoming lazier year on year, without making any resolution for the same :|


  1. On behalf of each of ur friend "we know the situation nd condition u r in to.nd no 1 can understand better than us.U shud agree with the fact that this is the 2nd and the biggest phase of ur life nd believe me it will last 4 long, may be forever.So we all will pray to GOD to give u strength nd courage to face ol dese problems and finally work hard and try 2 be in touch wth ur well wishers and i m sure one day u will rise up2 the sky.....inshallah."

  2. Congrats on the award!
    I am trying my best not to be lazy with my blog.. I was *this close* to deleting it at the start of this year! Do continue blogging regularly.. i like your posts!


  3. I know the feeling when you are so tired and exhausted that you just want to be left alone..its a phase and will pass :) :) and I am lad that the award is pushing you to blog more :) :)

  4. Congratulations!
    I am happily following you :)

    Do drop in sometime. Would love a follow back:D

    1. The separate comment box didn't load..hence..

      work makes you appreciate your life a little more;)

  5. Me too..lazier.. LoL!
    thanx for putting my thoughts in ur words.. i am lazy so i dint do it myself..

  6. I am sailing in the same boat. Lazier than everrrr!

    ♡ from ©

  7. Major congrats on the award! Don't worry about being lazy -- It's a good thing, sometimes. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. boy in stryped pyjamaJanuary 18, 2012 at 10:32 PM

    follow ur heart nd u shld b happy... doing things ur way is critical here... v knw the creative baby inside u is always there to support u wen u r dwn.. so develop it...spend tym with it.. frnds r there to suport u ... just b ready to grasp ny opportunity dat may lead u to folow ur heart... v wanna c u happy, shining nd rising

  9. Congrats for the award! Being lazy is a good thing :)

  10. love it!

  11. jab aapne shuru shuru mein mujhe award diya tha tab mujhe bhi ek naya idea mila tha award dene ka...anyways fir se kabhi award dena hoga to aapko de hi dunga ek...kam se kam aap khush to hongi hi..

    by the way
    aapke 'office dard' ko samajh sakta hun :P

  12. Hey Sneha
    It's a phase.Trust me it will go and Im sure by now it's the past. Go with the flow. Remember Tough people last but tough times hardly does:)

  13. Congratulations!!! This is a wonderful blog and you are a Happy Blogger!! :)

    Shows how strenuous your job is, after a tired days work you defo need some space, hope you get off on Saturdays allowing you to relax properly on weekends!!! take care my friend, Cheers!! :)