Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Isolation sometimes for some people becomes a necessity. Just like some people crave for company, others crave isolation. Aloofness.

There is in fact nothing wrong with being alone. It’s good to spend some with “yourself”. Trying to know one’s self. I too am a sucker for it. I lovvve (it’s not a typo, it’s my way of showing intensity!) spending time all by myself. I love my company, I love going shopping with me...! Yea..! it’s True...!

But on the other hand it has serious and severe affects on the personality traits of a person. It can lead to a condition where you can experience a fear of meeting people. Excessive isolation can lead to depression and some other psychological traumas. It creates darkness in life.

What complicates the problem is the fact that such people are just a face in the crowd, therefore difficult to separate or let’s say isolate. They are so good at creating a facade. You can never ever guess that something is wrong with them. More than often these people are common at high profile and glamor jobs. Look at someone like a Viveka Babajii, she achieved all that a girl in the modeling world could aspire for. Yet she failed in striking a healthy relationship. After a series of heart breaks, she found an easy way out of it all. To blame an estranged relation for her taken decision according to me would be a tad too harsh. The foundation of it maybe was laid way earlier, during her peak days. Insecurity, lack of friends, broken trust............

Trust once broken is hard to rebuild. When a person’s trust is broken again and again, it becomes e hard to demarcate between friends and foes. Suddenly the world seems to be a cruel place. Full of pretentions and vicious circles. Fake promises, false smiles, so called friends....... the only easy way out of this mess then seems to be ________ .( don’t need to write it down)...!

Well, many a times it is said that people who commit suicide are cowards, don’t have the guts to face difficulties... blah blah blah......! But I think that it actually takes a lot of guts and courage to take such a step. To break ties and end everything drastically. To leave behind the dreams and aspirations. People who you loved and who loved you.....! Just imagine the amount of pressure /tension on such a person who overlooks all these factors and goes ahead with the decision. Statistics clearly indicate the huge number of suicide cases in India alone.

Friends, there are a lot of people out there who need help. Guidance. Someone to talk to. Such people don’t come with a tag, you have to recognize them. They can be one of us. Maybe one of our friends.


  1. hey my comment did not get posted i think..ok what i wrote was..this is a well-meaning post sneha ji...really good of u to think of helping others who need help...god bless,..

  2. बहुत सही पोस्ट है..
    और अकेला रहना कैसा रहता है, ये मैं अच्छे से जानता हूँ...आपकी तरह मैं भी ज्यादातर खुद की ही कंपनी पसंद करता हूँ :)
    क्यूंकि जो मेरे नजदीकी दोस्त हैं वो है नहीं बैंगलोर में , और जो दोस्त बने हैं, वो कभी कभी अपने मन मुताबिक चलते हैं..
    और ये भी बात सही है की जो लोग भीड़ में खुश दिखाई देते हैं वो अक्सर तनहा और अकेले रहते हैं अंदर ही अंदर...
    इस पोस्ट जैसा तो नहीं, पर कुछ कुछ वैसा ही मैंने यहाँ लिखा था -

    और सूइसाइड का रास्ता जिस आदमी ने लिया, समझ जाईये की वो कितनी तकलीफ सहा होगा..,जब दर्द या तकलीफ हद से ज्यादा बढ़ ज्यादा है ..इतना की बर्दास्त नहीं कर सकते लोग तभी ये रास्ता अपनाते हैं...

  3. sweetheart,,,,when u think that now life is gonna be a cake walk & everything is gonna be fine life screws us just then.all we need to remember is "THIS SHALL PASS TOO"

  4. That's very well brought.. and its so true.. they are here.. amongst us !

  5. Sneha i dont know if its the slow internet connection or your new template but the page takes a long time to load and had a tough time posting comments. ok now that my gripe is over, how are you ? college all done and dusted?;)

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  7. Liked the last para..

    Mostly girls tend to do suicide .. Girls get nervous & frustrated easily than guys going through same situation..
    Vandy above has said everything what I would like to say-- Bad /worst phase will go..

  8. @ r. ramesh

    thnx friend.

    @ abhi

    true dear, and i checked your post, have commented there

  9. @ vandy

    @ dhruv

    true, thnx

    @ prasad
    yea i guess you are right ..!

  10. hey sepo,

    a little late reading this post...:) first of all, same pinch for the template..second I completely agree with the second last being broken repeated times, leads to disastrous consequences...and yes, the extreme step of suicide needs a lot of courage, but then, on a personal level, i completely disagree with it...suicide shud not be taken as a solution to all the problems..strength lies in facing problems and not running away from it..
    but then yes, even ur closest friend needs help in the form of trust and care..

    as usual, well thought and nicely written post..loved it:)
    take care..

  11. so true.. can hapen with nrmal people at some point in tym..


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